Founder and General Manager:Mr. Fu
Since its establishment in 2003, the company has braved the wind and the rain for 15 years. It is 15 years of entrepreneurship, 15 years of trials and hardships, and 15 years of harvests!

When starting this company, we went through a struggle with painstaking efforts. We would like to express our sincere thanks to all sectors of the society for their strong support and selfless care for Longtime Pharmaceutical, and thanks to the dedicated employees who have been working hard in various positions!

A person can achieve success only through self-confidence and hard work. This is especially true for a company. With numerous companies competing in the business world, self-confidence makes us more confident in this environment with the co-occurrence of competition and development and coexistence of opportunities and challenges, and hard work teaches us to be down-to-earth and persistent in our pursuit. These two elements will lay a solid foundation for development of the company. They make every employee of the company shining in the life and work with humanity and wisdom, and make our partners embrace the future with the same self-confidence as we have. This is our wealth, our value, our motivation and belief as we provide our customers with every quality service. Excellent thought originates from excellent culture. Longtime Pharmaceutical is always upholding the core values of “loyalty, diligence, trust, cooperation and innovation”, adhering to the enterprise spirit of “doing our best and making it better”, and pursuing the enterprise objective of “creating science and technology for the people and taking the lead in the industry”. This is the essence of Longtime Culture and also the spiritual source that guides Longtime Pharmaceutical through the past 15 years and moving into the future.

15 years have passed. 15 years is only a very short moment in the long river of history. We cannot but be resolute and broad-minded, for we have taken up a heavy responsibility and a long course. Longtime Pharmaceutical will continue to follow the trend of the times, seize opportunities, make innovations, cultivate people with excellent culture, shape people with mature management, motivate people with superior salary, and work together with all biomedical colleagues to promote the greater development of biomedicine and create a new glory of biomedical industry!