Turkish Delegation Visited and Inspected Longtime Pharmaceutical

On July 12, 2016, the Turkish delegation arrived at Nanhai Longtime Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. on schedule to conduct GMP pre-examination on the products of Longtime Pharmaceutical to be exported to Turkey. General Manager Fu Tingling and related personnel of the company warmly received the delegation.

The Turkish delegation is composed of 7 delegates who are senior experts from the Ministry of Health in Turkey and their accompanying personnel. This visit aimed to conduct consultations on matters relating to the company’s pharmaceutical export to the Republic of Turkey. General Manager Mr. Fu and Quality Manager Mr. Ou gave a detailed introduction to the guests regarding the research and development strength of Longtime Pharmaceutical, basic situation of biological product production workshop, implementation of GMP, leading technology and good clinical efficacy of the products already on the market, etc. Detailed answers were given to the relevant questions raised by the delegation. Subsequently, the delegation conducted a site visit to the company’s research and development laboratories and biological product production workshops, inspected the relevant production processes and GMP implementation, and put forward valuable comments and suggestions.

The delegation was deeply impressed by the company’s technical reserves, first-class production environment and significant clinical efficacy of the products, and expected the company’s products to complete the Turkish import procedures as soon as possible and bring benefits to the Turkish patients. The visit of Turkish experts is a crucial step for our company’s products to enter Turkey and EU countries and realize overseas sales. We have confidence in that our products will be distributed to various hospitals in EU countries in the near future.