Congratulations on the Official Opening of Guangdong Provincial Engineering Technology Research Center of Longtime Pharmaceutical

OnJanuary 22, 2018, Nanhai Longtime Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. held a grand openingceremony for Guangdong Cell Growth Factor Research and Development EngineeringTechnology Research Center, marking that technological innovation and productdevelopment of Longtime Pharmaceutical opened a new chapter.

GuangdongCell Growth Factor Research and Development Engineering Technology ResearchCenter is recognized as Guangdong Provincial Engineering Technology ResearchCenter in 2017 by the Department of Science and Technology of GuangdongProvince after rigorous expert review and online announcement. It is also acatalyst that accelerates the development of Nanhai Longtime PharmaceuticalCo., Ltd. and further promotes technological innovation and transformation ofscientific and technological achievements. Guangdong Provincial EngineeringTechnology Research Center is built to thoroughly implement the spirit ofGuangdong Science and Technology Innovation Conference, promote theestablishment of R&D institutions for enterprises above designated size,enhance the technological innovation capabilities of universities and researchinstitutes, accelerate the transformation of scientific and technologicalachievements, and provide support for the construction of National Science andTechnology Industry Innovation Center.


NanhaiLongtime Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a modern high-tech bio-pharmaceuticalcompany that focuses on research, development and application of healthproducts in the fields of “clinical medicine” and “cosmetic medicine” andprovides technical services to related fields. The company has become thelargest production base for the bulk drug of “Recombinant Human Basic FibroblastGrowth Factor” in the world. The establishment of Guangdong Cell Growth FactorResearch and Development Engineering Technology Research Center demonstratesthat provincial and municipal government departments fully recognize thetechnology research and development capabilities of Longtime Pharmaceutical.The staff of Longtime Pharmaceutical will live up to expectations, continue tostrengthen cooperation with industry, enterprises, universities and researchinstitutes, and build the Research Center into a platform for technologicalinnovation, a bridge for combination of production, education and scientificresearch, a base for achievement transformation and a cradle for talentgathering. The company will constantly improve its independent innovation capability,provide high-quality health products and efficient solutions, and undertake thecorporate social responsibility with practical actions. Relying on theprovincial engineering technology research center “Guangdong Cell Growth FactorResearch and Development Engineering Technology Research Center”, LongtimePharmaceutical will further improve its comprehensive capability of engineeringresearch and development, design and testing, accelerate the businessdeployment of cell growth factors, focus on the demand for innovation-drivendevelopment, and become an innovative enterprise with strong scientific andtechnological strength.

Asheaven maintains vigor through movements, a gentle man should constantly strivefor self-perfection. Longtime Pharmaceutical is standing at a new startingpoint and embarking on a new journey!