rh-bFGF (Gaifu)
Drug classification
rh-bFGF (Gaifu)
Drug classification
National First-class New Drug
The state medical insurance class b, treats the wound and the ulcer medicine
Product Specification
20000 IU、35000 IU、70000 IU、300000 IU/支
Product specification

    Product Name】Recombinant Human Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor for External Use (rh-bFGF)
    Components】Recombinant Human Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor
    Characters】White or off-white loose mass

    【Indication】Promote wound healing and can be used for chronic wounds (including chronic granulation wounds, ulceration and bedsore, etc.), fresh wounds (including trauma, surgical wounds, etc.) and burn wounds (including superficial partial thickness, deep partial thickness and granulation wounds).
    Specification】70, 000 IU/vial

    Usage and Dosage】The most appropriate dosage of rh-bFGF is 150 IU/ cm
    2 of the wounded area; administrate the product every other day. Dissolve the rh-bFGF freeze dried powder in the vial with 5ml of sterile water for injection or physiological normal saline solution. After debriding the wounds, directly apply with sprayer at a height of about 4.6cm from the wounds, spray once each time; or apply on the debrided wounds directly; or cover the debrided wounds with sterile gauze of proper size, then dropwise add the drug solution to the gauze, and bind up appropriately. See below for administration method.

    Adverse ReactionsNo obvious adverse reaction is found.
    Pharmacology and Toxicology】The product can promote the repairing and regenerating of cells from the mesoderm and ectoderm.

    Pharmacokinetics】Almost no invivo absorption has been found for local application of the product.

    Storage】Store and transport at the temperature of 2-8°C, protected from light.
    Packaging】rh-bFGF/sterile water for injection/ penicillin bottle/ ampoule bottle, one for
    each inner carton.

    Shelf Life】24 months